Let’s think about why the first word is written in the Bible is Breath…is it perhaps a coincidence that it is the antithesis of the word/situation of the Lockdown…?

This photo exhibition was dedicated to responding to the raging world fires in Australia, the Amazon, and California over the course of 2019 to 2020.
The work is an expression of the pain I felt in response to the images in the media and from my wanderings in the local catted trees throughout the forest where I go to breathe and connect in Slovenia. As I walked upon these lands where the ancient Celts who worshiped the trees lived, my own pain became unbearable as I absorbed the sorrow emanating all around me… trees were crying out in a desperate plea to be saved.
It was during a photoshoot of the artist Gas Rudolf, who is deeply connected with nature, transformed into the spirit of protector and messenger of the trees. We captured the breath, energy, and love of the Universe as we felt/heard the trees asking for help from humans as if asking us: who will protect them for as long as they can still stand and not be sold as slaves for money and greed?

Rudolf is in the photo as a figure of the spirit of the trees, sent from the Universe to save the trees from the destruction of humankind,  forest fires, and from rampant deforestation.

This synchronicity and alignment make me think even deeper that I released what is essentially an unseen jet –a requirement for life – oxygen and Co2 – in harmony with the trees, the living mechanism which sustains human existence. Not just a one-way street. Invisible friend-Oxygen- or – the invisible enemy – Covid-19.

Trees are our lungs, we shall not become Covid-19 to them.

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On March 13th, 2020, The First Day Of The Covid-19 Lockdown In Slovenia

Breath in the oxygen together with awareness that breathe is your life the official photo art exhibition opened under the patronage of the Slovenian ministry for agriculture, RS, and the horticultural organization and Zlahtic.

Protecting The Trees

Photos in BREATH IN collection are not photoshopped.


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