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SILIAMMM spiritual photo portraits of Dignitaries Siliammm photography session is journey to your heart, soul and essence of your existence to resonance of your soul through energy sound mantra Siliammm, Osho Brahma Crystal, Usui Reiki Ryoho which ends with art photo portrait of person without any inner mask. After session you are in resonance with your soul essence and you might for first time see your self in this pure form in state of resonance of your soul where heart rules and unconditional love take away feeling of body and time and mind has no whispers its shut down. Your portrait will capture your light at this point of your life. Session can be performed only after preparation one to one and completely trust and performing in manner if you not feeling to continue process will be stopped. SILIAMMM only works with 100% respect and trust from both sites and in this manner is really manifestation of respect for dignity from both sites.

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XXI. International Fine Arts Colony
Knights’ Hall, Križanke
Tomo Vran, Selector

Ljubljana Festival, Slovenia

Participants: Huiqin Wang, China Keiko Miyazaki, Japan Jasmina Rojc, Slovenia Vianney Lefebvre, France Elisabetta Bacci, Italy Eduard Belsky, Ukraine Bagrat Arazyana, Armenia Paride Di Stefano, Italy Guest: Alenka Slavinec, Slovenija

Photos in SILIAMMM collection are not photoshopped.


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