Photo by Nebojsa Babič, Orange Studio

Slovenian Alenka Slavinec is a versatile artist and cosmopolitan, photographer and film producer, environmentalist, philanthropist and manager in culture. Slavinec is a representative of Slovenian contemporary art and ambassador of Slovenia around the world, was World ambasador for Bosnian Mountain horses in 2019 and is ambasador for Lipican horses. Her art is displayed in Kuwait, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Serbia, North Macedonia, Egypt and the USA.

Slavinec is an author of SLOVENIA IN US Lipizzaner Horses, an exhibition of photographs first displayed in the Slovenian Embassy in Washington and in the following years in the 50 locations all over the world. Alenka became also ambasador for Lipican.

Slavinec often roams around the world, seeking for inspiration and stories to be told through the lens. She studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana and later on at the New York Film Academy (NYFA), where she established her creative grounds. Slavinec works with Ljubljana Festival since 2011 and has displayed an exhibition The Symphony of Plečnik, dedicated to one of Slovenia’s greatest architects and marking the 60th anniversary of the festival. In 2002 Alenka continue with Ljubljana Festival 70 years with GOLDEN AGE, 80 works on same location.

AWARNESS OF ONENESS was sucesfull multimedia instalation as well photo exshibition in Alenka home town Mihelič Galley in times of Covid restrictionas. She created a special photograph series Alabriga Welness for the luxury hotel Alabriga in Costa Brava. Slavinec was a guest at the World dignity forum in Los Angeles, UN World Ocean Conference in New York and Oceanica Movement on Ibiza.

Alenka Slavinec is a film producer, too. The World didn’t Know it Landed and The Poem, documentary dedicated to the life of prominent Slovenian photographer Stojan Kerbler, All that Glitters and Coming Home, a film by director Axel Stasny, selected for the film festivals in Montreal and Magnolia, are just a few from her list. Slavinec worked with Emmy awarded Ashley Colburn and co-produced her Wonders of Slovenia. She worked many projects with director Voitech Jasny. Alenka produced, acted, directed her heart felt mission with Lipizzaners in Stud Farm Lipica during lock down in 2021 – LOVE IN US.

Alenka Slavinec is a promoter of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and integrates them into her work, as well as her daily life.